Preparing for Surgery


Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Stamford ASC and Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists have been paying close attention to COVID-19 (Coronavirus ). While no one knows how severe this outbreak will be, please be assured that the safety of our patients, employees and visitors remains of utmost priority. As healthcare providers, it is already our standard to utilize infection control best practices in our day to day work.

As news and information regarding Coronavirus is rapidly changing, we encourage you to please check the ONS website regularly for updates:

Pre- Surgery Patient Instructions

1. NO SOLID FOODS after midnight, or not later than 6 hours before your surgery. Therefore, if you have an afternoon surgery you may eat a “light” breakfast up to 6 hours prior to surgery. A light breakfast may include hot/cold cereal with low fat milk, toast with jam, low fat yogurt, fruit, fruit juice, coffee or tea.

2. CLEAR LIQUIDS up until 3 hours prior to your admission time. We encourage you to drink clear, sugar rich fluids.

What are clear fluids?  Anything you can see through (such as Gatorade, cranberry juice or apple juice). Orange juice, apple cider and milk ARE NOT clear liquids.

You may have black coffee or tea (no milk).  No alcoholic beverages.

3. Stop all vitamins, multi-vitamins, and aspirin 7 days prior to surgery. If you are taking any blood thinners, please consult with your surgeon or primary physician for further instructions. Continue to take all other regular medications, including on the morning of your surgery when you should take them with a small sip of water.

4. A responsible adult must accompany you to your surgery, and be available to discuss your discharge instructions and to drive you home. An adult should also be with you 24 hours after surgery. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN WITH YOU TO SURGERY.

5. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that are easy to remove. You will be provided with proper attire during your stay. Do not wear make-up, nail polish or jewelry the day of your surgery.

6. Do not wear or bring any valuables with you to surgery.

7. If any change in your health occurs such as cold, cough or fever within one week prior to your surgery, please notify your surgeon immediately.

8. A physical examination, pre-operative history or lab tests may be required prior to your surgery. Your surgeon’s office will make these arrangements for you.

9. You will receive a call the day before surgery to tell you what time to arrive. Please arrive on time so that admission procedures and evaluation from the anesthesia staff can be accomplished prior to your surgery.

10. Please bring all your insurance cards, and proper ID when you check in for surgery.


The Stamford ASC will expect you to be responsible for the center and anesthesia charge if your insurance plan does not cover it. This will include such costs as the charges for use of an operating room, equipment, and personnel.

If you have any questions regarding the Stamford ASC fees, please feel free to contact out billing department at 888-252-7870, x303 at least 3 days prior to the surgery. If you have any further questions please contact us at: 203-252-5400